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A distinction is made between two different sliding door systems in this section: hanging and supported from below

In this range, ROB supplies excellent fitting sets for sliding glass windows.

The Expert range offers excellent, yet compact sliding door hardware, for door weights up to 40 kg, 80 kg, 120 kg, and 200 kg.

With the Expert range, ROB has excellent, compact sliding door hardware for door weights of up to 40 kg, 80 kg, and 120 kg.

Assets for the interior.

Architectural and technical surplus for every interior

The Visitop (alu), Loft & Square are more than a system.

The ROB sliding door range has been expanded with a POCKET DOOR for single or double interior doors.

Doors sliding into the wall have two major advantages: they are space-saving and very discrete.

There are three categories in this series: single-acting, double-acting and door closers.