Tilting gates are always guided at the four corners so they move smoothly and are very stable. Tilting gates that rotate inside the façade offer a better seal via the stop.

Wood, PVC or aluminium door leaves are possible for this series.

The necessary installation space above and next to the door is limited to a minimum. All counterweighted fittings are always equipped with a safety system that prevents the door from falling in the event of a cable break.

With the series of max. 100 kg and 200 kg, the counterweights can be placed at the front, at the back and on either or both sides. Protecting the counterweights is very important.

The installation of the reliable and easy-to-maintain fittings is simple.  Request our installation plan!



  • Seamlessly opening gates
  • Extremely modern
  • Can fall in one plane with the facade
  • Fall protection integrated with Renson Linarte cladding


Technical specifications

  • Max. 600 kg per gate
  • Gate height up to max. 5 meters
  • Equipped with weight with or without reduction system
  • Possibility of motorization



All indications of sizes and numbers have been applied with the utmost care. We can not be responsible for any incorrect indications. We reserve the right to change numbers, sizes or models without prior notice. 

Different types

For the 712.000 – 713.000 series with a protected counterweight, the standard fitting set includes container protection for safety.