In this  Sliding Door category ROB distinguishes several series, depending on the weight of the door. When equiped with the correspondent serie, ROB sliding doors will be manipulated with the finger. We are talking about doors between 60 kg and 1800 kg per wing.

Smooth rolling

Our rollers are equipped with steel or plastic wheels. The catch in the track is due to the original design of the tumbling axes that assure an easily movement even when tracks tilt and without putting the weight on one side of the trolley. This means your door will always slide easily. When you want to use the rollers in temperatures above 80° C we recommend you to get in touch with our R&D devision for professional advice. We prefer the dual roller for smooth and optimum operation. 

Brackets for support and connection

The applied brackets correspond to the specified load capacities. To be efficient we assemble them every 60 cm. A connection bracket is obligately at both ends of the track as it serves as well as a connection between two tracks. Brackets do not only serve to hang the track but also to support him.

Guides and additional accessories

By straight sliding door fittings ROB delivers the corresponding guides and sealing brushes to protect against wind and dust. Then there are the end stoppers with a spring to prefent dammage when stopping heavy doors. There are also lock rods, rod guides, door fixers, covers, flush handles. They provide a comfortable and durable operation.


  • Never place more than 2 rollers per door. If the carrying capacity of 2 rollers proves insufficient, opt for heavier ones.
  • The capacity of the compact rollers is equal to that of the ordinary double rollers.
  • Mount the stoppers before the final brackets to avoid the door from running out of the track .
  • Get in touch with our R&D department for extra heavy doors.




All indications of sizes and numbers have been applied with the utmost care. We can not be responsible for any incorrect indications. We reserve the right to change numbers, sizes or models without prior notice.