Under this heading, ROB groups applications for round the corner sliding door systems. The range includes fittings for door weights of max 55 to 275 kg per wing. They are used as well for residential garages as for more industrial applications. Usually the first door panel is used as a service door to avoid opening the complete system at each passage.

The rollers mounted on ball bearings are fitted to steel pulleys. The intelligent design of the wheels tolerate a slight tilt of the profile. All rollers are also available with plastic pulleys. Plastic wheels usually run quieter and give extra comfort.

All guides in the series up to 100 kg per leaf are supplied with a hardened steel roller. For doors up to 275 kg per wing - ROB delivers standard guides with a hardened steel roller on needle bearings. It is perfectly possible to change from steel guides to plastic ones

The specified forces are calculated on the use of a suspenson bracket, mounted every 60 cm.The brackets perfectly support the track. It is recommended not to weld the brackets to the track.

Round the corner sliding doorfittings are typified by the curved profile bent to a quarter circle ( 90°) with a radius of 50 cm to 120 cm. ROB supplies a range of standard bends but also customized curves. The parallelism between the upper and lower curve is very important.

NOTE : Do not remove or modify any curve, we make every curve according to each specific circumstance.

TIP : Using a stainless steel bottom track and curve is strongly recommended.


  • The capacity of the compact rollers is equal that of any double roller. We only recommend to use them in case of a lack of space.
  • In the 130.000 series there are special rollers with hinges with a capacity of 130 kg per wing thanks to extra ball bearings. If you require further information please contact our sales department. We always put the stoppers before the closing brackets to avoid the door from being derailed.
  • All curves can be delivered tailor made . We master the technique to produce  the most exceptional models .  
  • Please contact our R&D division for heavy doors.



All indications of sizes and numbers have been applied with the utmost care. We can not be responsible for any incorrect indications. We reserve the right to change numbers, sizes or models without prior notice. 

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