ROB provides three different categories of tracks for cantilever gates. depending on wether the will be used for residential or industrial purposes. Tracks can come untreated, pre-painted or galvanized

How to fix ?
When the gate is welded to the track it is recommended to use the untreated ones. Welding must be done on bothe sides following a certain procedure in order to avoid warping of the gate  Note : if the gate wil be subsequently hot-dip galvanized it is advisable that the running path inside the track stais clean and smooth.t.

A bolted assembly is also possible when using the appropiate bolts and metal band inside the track 

A third way to assemble the track to the gate is when using the tracks that are provided with connector plates. Often used for timber gates.

The two rollers are to be anchored upon a concrete block beside the passage. Gate and running track one rigid whole. The track runs smoothly over the 2 fixed rollers. When closed, the gate presses the first roller and in the open position it will press the second one. In this manner, the gate is self-supporting

Smart tiltable rollers
Our gear is calculated to neutralise any possible deflection or torsion of the track. Thus, inhibitory effects are excluded. The vertical wheels rotate independently, they are mounted on dust-free ball bearings, wich do not require any additional lubrication. The horizontal plastic wheels cath the unlikely zigzag of the gate. The rollers are adjustable in hight.

Guides and stoppers
At the top side of the gate at least 2 sets of guide rollers keep the gate in balance.  Thr guides are mounted on brackets that can either be sealed into a wall or bolted onto a steel construction.They are adjustable to the gates' thickness.
At the ends of the tracks stoppers are added and it is advisable to use the ones with a roller when you make larger gates. These rollers will absorb the bending of the fence an reduce the load on the rollers when in opened or closed position.

Optimal operation of a cantilever gate.
It is very important to determine the richt track and rollers. It is also very important to firmly anchore the rollers upon a frost free concrete block.. Parameters : width clear passage, the gates' weight and the daily cycles.


  • ROB has a somid reputation when it comes to light or heavy cantilever gates
  • Gates with ROB gear run smoothly.
  • No maintenance
  • Efficient operation
  • Flexibility is trump. Timber, metal or aluminium gates
  • Possibility of automation  
  • Easy to install





All indications of sizes and numbers have been applied with the utmost care. We can not be responsible for any incorrect indications. We reserve the right to change numbers, sizes or models without prior notice.