The Expert range offers excellent, yet compact sliding door hardware, for door weights up to 40 kg, 80 kg, 120 kg, and 200 kg.

The combination of plastic rollers on ball bearings with anodised aluminium profiles ensures a light, silent operation. The rollers are also height-adjustable, while the stoppers used in this range, are also adjustable to the door weight. Ornate cover profiles give the interior and architecture the optimal finishing touch.

In addition to the standard plastic roller, and to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, we have developed a superior plastic roller with high-quality ball bearings for the range up to 80 kg.

An extra compact range uses recessed profiles where rollers can be fitted up to 3 mm below the running profile. This solution offers attractive added value to an interior with a minimalist touch.

The various applications of this range are almost endless: interior or office design, shop fitting, kitchen construction, etc.




All indications of sizes and numbers have been applied with the utmost care. We can not be responsible for any incorrect indications. We reserve the right to change numbers, sizes or models without prior notice. 

Different types

The Cube rail has no wall brackets, which gives it a visually tight appearance.

The Fold system is the ideal solution between a revolving door and a sliding door.

The running profiles are very specific because of the removable running profiles and the end piece.